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What's New in Microsoft Office 2013
For Users Transitioning from Microsoft Office 2003

1 Day, 9:00-4:00, 6 Hours

This instructor-led course, through hands-on exploration, introduces students to the latest Microsoft Office 2013 suite.  The course covers the most significant enhancements across the entire suite as well as within each application.  In order to successfully complete this course, we recommend that students are familiar with Microsoft Office 2000 or 2003.  Most of the topics were introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

Overall Changes in the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite

  • Reviewing the New User Interface
  • Exploring the Ribbon
  • Using Backstage View
  • Viewing Enhanced ScreenTips
  • Customizing Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizing the Status Bar
  • Understanding the New File Format
  • Inserting SmartArt Graphics
  • Using the Compatibility Checker
  • Exploring Galleries
  • Using the Redesigned Help
  • Exploring Office 2013 and the Cloud

Getting Acquainted with Word 2013

  • Checking for Spelling and Grammar Errors
  • Applying Bullets and Numbering
  • Inserting Headers and Footers
  • Creating New Documents
  • Examining the New Default Font and Paragraph Settings
  • Inserting the Current Date
  • Printing Single Envelopes or Labels
  • Working with Building Blocks
  • Adding Cover Pages
  • Using the Navigation Pane and Search
  • Utilizing the Accessibility Checker
  • Editing a PDF
  • Working with New Table Features
  • Embedding Videos

Getting Acquainted with Excel 2013

  • Inserting Worksheets
  • Resizing the Formula Bar
  • Performing Enhanced Sorting and Filtering
  • Working in Page Layout View
  • Applying Improved Conditional Formatting
  • Viewing the Enhanced PivotTable Layout
  • Working with Sparklines

Getting Acquainted with PowerPoint 2013

  • Applying Themes
  • Adding Slides and Selecting Layouts
  • Inserting WordArt
  • Exploring the Enhanced Slide Master View
  • Exploring the Transitions and Animations Tabs
  • Creating Custom Slide Layouts
  • Applying New and Improved Effects

Getting Acquainted with Outlook 2013

  • Sending Messages and Options
  • Previewing Attachments
  • Editing and Saving Attachments
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Using Date-Oriented Flags
  • Assigning Color Categories
  • Working with Outlook Views
  • Working in Conversation View
  • Removing Redundant Messages
  • Using Quick Steps
  • Minimizing the Navigation Pane
  • Viewing Tasks and To-Do Items
  • Examining the Enhanced Calendar Views
  • Setting Appointments
  • Scheduling Meetings with Schedule View
  • Using the Calendar Overlay Feature
  • Sending Calendars via E-Mail
  • Viewing the Enhanced Contact View
  • Creating Contacts
  • Finding Specific Contacts

Getting Acquainted with Access 2013

  • Working with the Navigation Pane
  • Exploring the Access Ribbon
  • Using Enhanced Sorting and Filtering
  • Viewing the New Total Rows
  • Using the New Layout View
  • Examining the Improved Data Types


This course can easily be customized to cover only those modules/applications that are most important to your group.

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