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Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint

Version 2013 • 2016

2 Days, 9:00-4:00, 12 Hours

This 2‐day course is geared for users who need a comprehensive working knowledge of SharePoint and its capabilities to implement team sites, share information and collaborate with colleagues.

Note: This class can be customized to cover select topics in a 1-day timeframe.

Course objectives:

  • Understand, navigate and create sites
  • Add and modify list items, configure list views, and sort/filter lists
  • Add, upload, modify, search for, check in/out, and share documents in document libraries
  • Use and collaborate with Office Applications
  • Create project schedules, add tasks, and create calendar lists
  • Search for information and people

Introduction to SharePoint

  • Get started with SharePoint
  • Collaborate and share within teams
  • Control access to SharePoint sites
  • Use SharePoint integration with Office
  • Compare SharePoint products

Navigate SharePoint Sites

  • Understanding sites
  • Understand site structure
  • Customize site navigation
  • Work with the ribbon
  • Navigate lists and libraries
  • Understand web parts and app parts

Create and Manage Sites

  • Creating a site
  • Understanding the layouts directory
  • Naming a URL
  • Create personal sites
  • Manage site users and permissions
  • Change site themes
  • Create and use custom site templates
  • Manage site features
  • Delete sites

Work with Content in Lists and Libraries

  • Discover lists and libraries in a site
  • Creating, populate and edit list items
  • Create and upload existing files
  • Create documents from a library
  • Understanding Office Online programs
  • Check files in and out
  • Working work with versions
  • Organize lists and libraries
  • Delete and restore list items and documents
  • Setting alerts
  • Follow documents
  • Work offline

Making the Most of Lists and Libraries

  • Using list and library settings
  • Manage list and library users and permissions
  • Configure versioning
  • Work with advanced settings
  • Work with site columns
  • Work with content type and create views
  • Set up validation settings and ratings
  • Delete and restore lists and libraries

Work with My Site and OneDrive for Business

Note: This module is only covered for clients using OneDrive

  • Understand My Site
  • Converse and monitor by using the Newsfeed page
  • Work with OneDrive for Business
  • Understanding the OneDrive Business library
  • Using the OneDrive for Business sync client
  • Understanding OneDrive for Business limitations

Collaborate with Office Programs Using SharePoint

  • Edit documents in Office
  • View and change file properties
  • Co-author by using Office and Office Online
  • Share OneNote notebooks with SharePoint
  • Import data from and export data to Excel
  • Work with SharePoint content in Outlook
  • Integrate Access with SharePoint
  • Work with an Access app in your browser


Work with Webpages

  • Understand SharePoint pages
  • Web part pages
  • Wiki pages
  • Publishing pages
  • Application pages
  • Create pages
  • Add content to page
  • Modify pages
  • Format and display content
  • Reusable content
  • Manage pages
  • Use app parts and web parts

Search for Information and People

  • Search SharePoint sites
  • Target search queries
  • Create and manage terms
  • Influence relevance rankings
  • Configure search behavior
  • Customize search results pages
  • Define visibility and indexing for sites

Manage Work Tasks

  • Create and manage project sites
  • Work with tasks, subtasks, and the timeline
  • Manage projects by using SharePoint and Project Professional

Introduction to Built-in Workflows

  • Automate business processes using SharePoint
  • Use built-in workflows
  • Interact with workflows
  • Manage workflows

Optional Topics

Work with Wikis, Blogs and Community Sites

  • Create wiki libraries
  • Create and use Enterprise Wiki sites
  • Create and manage blog sites
  • Create, manage and delete blog posts
  • Create and manage community sites
  • Community Portal
  • Community site pages an web parts
  • Permissions and Auto Approval
  • Work with community sites

Work with Business Intelligence

  • Getting started with SharePoint BI
  • Shape your data
  • Create and publish PowerPivot dashboards
  • Display PowerPivot dashboards in web parts
  • Build visualizations by using Power View
  • Display Power View reports in web parts

Manage and Monitor Content

  • Manage documents
  • Create enterprise content management sites
  • Work with document IDs
  • Create and modify document sets
  • Set up the Content Organizer
  • Store and manage records
  • Protect data in SharePoint
  • eDiscovery Center
  • Data loss protection queries
  • Document deletion policies
  • Data loss protection policies
  • Time-based in-place hold policies
  • Define and apply a site policy
  • Work with information management policies
  • Audit user actions

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