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Instructor-led Training

Intermediate Microsoft Visio

Version 2010 • 2013 • 2016

1 Day, 9:00-4:00, 6 Hours

This instructor-led, hands-on course teaches students advanced features, including using the drawing tools, creating and working with custom stencils and templates, and sharing their Visio drawings with other applications.  In order to successfully complete this course, we recommend that you first take Softek’s Introduction to Microsoft Visio course or have equivalent knowledge.

Enhancing the Look of Drawings

  • Create a Microsoft Account and Sign in to Visio
  • Work with Shape Styles
  • Shape Quick Styles
  • Fill, Line, and Effects
  • Use 3D Shapes
  • 2D vs 3D Shapes
  • 3D Templates and Stencils
  • 3D Format and Rotation
  • Apply Borders, Backgrounds, and Titles
  • Define Shape Styles
  • Reasons to Define a Style
  • The Define Style and Styles Commands

Creating Shapes, Stencils, and Templates

  • Create Simple Custom Shapes
  • Visio File Formats
  • When to Create a Custom Shape
  • The Favorites Stencil
  • Master and Regular Shapes
  • Create Custom Stencils
  • The My Shapes Folder
  • The Edit Stencil Command
  • Create Custom Templates

Connecting Drawings to External Data

  • Make an Organizational Chart from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Benefits of Linking to External Data
  • Data Types That Can be Linked
  • The Organization Chart Wizard
  • Generate a PivotDiagram from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • The PivotDiagram Template
  • The Data Selector Tool
  • Create a Gantt Chart from a Project File
  • Gantt Chart Options
  • The Import Project Data Wizard
  • Create a Timeline from a Project File
  • Connect a Map to an Access Database

Leveraging Development Tools

  • Create Macros
  • The Developer Tab
  • Macro Commands
  • Macros Security
  • Modify ShapeSheets
  • Build Advanced ShapeSheets
  • Drawing Tools
  • Shape Operations
  • Shape Groups and Behaviors

Sharing Drawings

  • Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive
  • Review Drawings
  • Comments and Replies
  • Ink Markup
  • Insert Drawings into Other Office Files
  • Export Drawings
  • PDF and XPS
  • Visio Drawing Formats
  • Graphic File Types
  • The AutoCAD Drawing Format
  • Web Page Publication
  • Print Drawings

Appendix A: Using Diagram Standards


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