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Instructor-led Training

Transitioning to Windows 8

3 or 6 Hours

This instructor-led course, through lecture and hands-on exploration, is designed for end users transitioning to Windows 8 from Windows 7 or earlier versions. To ensure success, students should have a prior working knowledge of the Windows operating system and be proficient in the general use of personal computers.

Course objectives:

  • Navigate comfortably in the new Windows 8 environment and use touch features
  • Understand how to launch programs, switch between programs, and do what you used to do
  • Work with Charms, File Explorer, Control Panel, and Task Manager
  • Customize the Windows 8 environment
  • Use the new browser (Internet Explorer 10), set favorites to access website quickly, and switch between open windows
  • Use Windows 8 fecurity features, file history, and improved copy/paste

Note: This course can be offered as either a 3 or 6-hour course depending on the background of the students and the size of the class.

Navigating the Windows 8 Environment

  • Logging In to Windows 8
  • Navigating the Start Screen 
  • Understanding Tiles
  • Activating the Command Bar
  • Accessing the Charms
  • Using the Switcher
  • Navigating the Desktop
  • Accessing the Desktop Thumbnail
  • Working with the Start Thumbnail

Working with Common Features

  • Using Modern Apps
  • Working with the Modern App Interface
  • Flipping and Snapping
  • Zooming with Semantic Zoom
  • Using the Charms
  • Accessing the Search Feature
  • Viewing with the All Apps Command
  • Sharing Content
  • Printing Using the Devices Feature
  • Using Microsoft Office Applications
  • Launching Applications with Tiles
  • Understanding the MS Office Applications Group
  • Using File Explorer
  • Examining the File Explorer Ribbon
  • Working with Libraries
  • Using the Control Panel and the Task Manager
  • Navigating New Control Panel Features
  • Using the Task Manager
  • Showing Fewer and More Details


Customizing the Windows 8 Environment

  • Working with Dual Monitors
  • Customizing the Start Screen and Using the Command Bar Options
  • Customizing the Desktop and Taskbar
  • Configuring PC Settings
  • Traversing the PC Settings Screen
  • Using the PC Settings Tabs

Using Internet Explorer 10

  • Working with IE 10 Modern User Interface
  • Using the Navigation Toolbar
  • Accessing the Pinned, Frequent, and Favorites Menu
  • Accessing the Tabs Menu
  • Browsing the Web in the IE 10 New User Interface

Using Windows 8 Security Features

  • Using Windows Defender
  • Setting New Password Types

Using Other Windows 8 Features

  • Using File History
  • Using the Improved Copy and Paste Functionality
  • Using the Running Actions, the Replace or Skip Files, and the File Conflicts Dialog Boxes
  • Resolving File Collisions
  • Creating and Using Storage Spaces (Demo)
  • Creating and Using a Microsoft Account
  • Refreshing or Resetting Your PC


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This class is only offered for private groups.

Private Group Classes

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$850 flat fee for up to 8 students
$950 for up to 12 students
$50 per additional student

Conducted at Softek’s Facility

$1000 flat fee for up to 8 students
$1100 for up to 12 students
$50 per additional student

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