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Instructor-led Training

Intermediate Microsoft Word

Version 2010 • 2013 • 2016

1 Day, 9:00-4:00, 6 Hours

This instructor-led course, through lecture and hands-on exploration, will show you how to format complex documents, create tables, save time using various automation features, and perform mail merges.  In order to successfully complete this course, you should feel comfortable with the basics/essentials of Word such as creating simple letters and documents, spell checking, printing, and applying basic formatting.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and use section breaks to apply different formatting and page number schemes
  • Apply and edit styles to format headings consistently
  • Create, edit, and delete custom tabs
  • Insert and format tables
  • Use Autocorrect and Building Blocks re-use common document elements
  • Use Mail Merge to create form letters, envelopes and labels
  • Insert and manipulate graphics

Formatting Longer Documents

  • Section Breaks and Section Formatting
  • Inserting Next Page Section Breaks
  • Adding Different Page Number Schemes
  • Deleting Section Breaks
  • Working with Styles
  • Applying Styles to Paragraphs
  • Using and Editing Style Sets
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Footnotes or Endnotes
  • Inserting Cover Pages

Setting Custom Tab Stops

  • Creating Custom Tab Stops
  • Moving Custom Tabs
  • Resetting Tabs to the Default
  • Creating Tabs Using the Ruler

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Navigating in Tables
  • Selecting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Inserting and Deleting Extra Rows or Columns
  • Adjusting Column Widths
  • Totaling Columns and Updating Formulas
  • Aligning Cell Data Horizontally and Vertically
  • Adding Shading and Borders
  • Working with Additional Table Features
  • Sorting Table Rows
  • Merging or Splitting Cells
  • Changing Text Direction
  • Centering Tables Between Margins


Using Mail Merge

  • Setting Up the Main Document
  • Creating a Letter Mail Merge
  • Creating the Data Source in Word
  • Inserting Merge Fields into the Main Document
  • Performing the Mail Merge
  • Merging to Envelopes Using an Existing Data Source
  • Creating Mailing Labels

Advanced Editing and Automation Tools

  • Using Find and Replace
  • Inserting Symbols
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Viewing Existing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Adding AutoCorrect Entries
  • Using AutoCorrect Entries
  • Working with Building Blocks
  • Inserting Building Blocks
  • Creating Building Blocks
  • Editing Building Blocks
  • Using the Building Blocks Organizer
  • Understanding AutoFormat as You Type

Inserting and Manipulating Graphics

  • Inserting Graphics
  • Reviewing the Picture Tools
  • Sizing and Moving Graphics
  • Wrapping Text
  • Adding Picture Styles
  • Resetting Graphics
  • Deleting Graphics

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