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Challenge Yourself

Now its time to see what you've learned. Below are a list of scenarios organized by course and level. Each scenario was desgined to help you utilize your new skills. Click the Download button to copy the files needed to work with the scenarios.

So are you ready? On your mark - Get set - Go!


Create a budget for a special event. Use the list of expenses located in the Expenses.xls workbook. Track the estimated and actual amounts for each expense.  Figure out the totals for each category of expenses and an overall total for the expenses (estimated vs. actual).  Rename the worksheet Expenses and delete the empty worksheets.  Center a title across the top of the page and format the worksheet with borders and shading. Add sample data to test your formulas. Compare your workbook with Finished Project.xls.

You are an Administrative Assistant working for Smith and Clark Elementary School.  You have been given the task of tallying up the results of the annual cookie sales.  Follow the instructions listed in Excel Labs -Introduction.xlsx.


Open the Special Event.xls workbook. Duplicate the Expenses worksheet in order to create an Income worksheet.  Copy the data from the Income.xls workbook and rename the worksheet to Income.  Delete any unused rows. Change Total Expenses to Total Income and modify the formulas if necessary. Create another worksheet to compare Profit vs. Loss.  Rename the worksheet to Profit vs. Loss. Link this worksheet to the Expenses and Income worksheets. Create a column chart to illustrate the Profit vs. Loss. Compare your finished workbook with Completed.xls.

You require a more thorough analysis of your cookie sales at Smith and Clark Elementary.  Follow the instructions listed in Excel Labs -Intermediate - Lab 1.xlsx and Excel Labs -Intermediate - Lab 2.xlsx.


You are a professional event planner and are preparing the list of attendees for your upcoming reunion event. As part of your planning process, you download a spreadsheet that lists attendee name, but it is not formatted correctly for your needs. You also need to generate a pivot table that shows how many participants of each type (student, alumni, or staff) are registered from each state by decade. Open the Reunion.xls workbook and read the information on the Instructions tab for details.

Yet more work needs to be done to analyze the cookie sales!  Follow the instructions listed in Excel Labs -Advanced.xlsx.


Create a presentation for a special event. Include a title slide and at least three other slide layouts in the presentation. Include pictures and drawing objects in the slides.  Align, distribute, and/or group objects accordingly. Use transitions and animation schemes to add special effects to the slides. Save the file as Special Event.ppt. Open the Completed Special Event.ppt presentation to compare files.

Open the Special Event.ppt presentation. Customize the slide master to include your event logo or a graphic that represents the event.  Change the fonts, font sizes, colors, and any other items to create a consistent look for the presentation. Create a Blank slide and link to the Special Event.xls workbook. Apply custom animation to the slides. Export the slides (with blank lines) to Microsoft Word to create handouts to e-mail in advance to the main participants.


Open the Thank You Letter.doc document. Insert the date at the top of the letter so that it updates automatically. Open the Speaker.doc document. Locate Robert King's information.  Replace the contents of the [placeholders] with his information using copy and paste. Create a 2 inch top margin for the letter to print on special letterhead.  Change the font and font size to make the letter easy to read. Check the document for any spelling errors. Attach an envelope to the document with your return address.

Open the Vendor List.doc document.   Apply the Heading 1 style to the company names and the Heading 2 style to the contact names. Modify the appearance of the styles.  Create a cover page with the following information: title, date, location, and other relevant information.  Create a table of contents to easily locate the vendors.  Insert page numbers in the document using the following instructions: no page number on the cover page, (i,ii,iii) number format on the table of content pages, and (1, 2, 3) number style on every page thereafter.  Set the first page of vendor information to start at 1.  Insert a table on the Order of Events page (last page).  Use the information from the Agenda.doc to create the table.  Create name badges for the vendors by performing a mail merge. Use the Company Name and First and Last name fields from the Vendors.xls workbook.  Save the merge file as Vendor Badges.doc.