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Using Google G Suite™

1 Day, 9:00-4:00

Course Overview

This instructor-led course introduces students to the features and functionalities of the apps within the G Suite editions: Gmail™, Google Drive™, Google Docs™, Google Slides™, Google Drawings™, Google Sheets™, Google Forms™, Google Hangouts™, Google Calendar™, and Google Sites™.

Course Objectives

  • Navigate in the Google G Suite environment
  • Communicate using Gmail
  • Store documents using Google Drive
  • Collaborate with Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings
  • Collaborate with Google Sheets and Forms
  • Communicate using Google Hangouts
  • Manage schedules using Google Calendar
  • Collaborate using Google Sites

Course Outline

Getting Started with Google G Suite

  • Navigate Google G Suite
    • G Suite Editions
    • Key G Suite Apps
  • Communicate Using Gmail
    • Inbox Tabs
    • Conversations
    • The Contacts Page
    • The Settings Page
    • The Gmail Mobile App

Storing Documents Using Google Drive

  • Add Folders and Files
    • The Google Drive Page
    • The New and My Drive Menus
  • Manage Folders and Files
    • Folder and File Options
    • Views/The View Details Pane
    • The Google Drive Mobile App

Collaborating Using Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings

  • Collaborate Using Google Docs
    • The Google Docs Home Page
    • The File Picker
    • The Google Docs Editor
    • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborate Using Google Slides
    • The Google Slides Home Page
    • The Google Slides Editor
    • The Menu Bar and Toolbar
    • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborate Using Google Drawings
    • The Google Drawings Editor
    • The Menu Bar and Toolbar
    • Collabortion Tools

Collaborating Using Google Sheets and Forms

  • Collaborate Using Google Sheets
    • The Google Sheets Home Page
    • Google Sheets Editor
    • The Menu Bar and Toolbar
    • Collaboration Tools
    • The Google Sheets Mobile App
  • Collaborate Using Google Forms
    • The Google Forms Editor
    • Top Menu Bar
    • Question Types
    • The Settings Page
    • The Responses Tab
    • The Send Form Dialog Box

Communicating Using Google Hangouts

  • Communicate Using Google Hangouts
    • Conversations
    • The Hangouts Pane
    • The Hangouts Chat Window
  • Communicate Using Google Hangouts Video Calls
    • Video Call Options
    • The Google Hangouts Mobile App

Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar

  • Create Events
    • Event Creation Methods
    • The Create Event Page
  • Customize Your Calendar
    • Calendar Views
    • Color Coding
    • The Google Calendar Mobile App
  • Create an Additional Calendar
    • Calendar Sharing
    • The Edit Detail Window

Collaborating Using Google Sites

  • Create and Edit a Google Site
    • The Google Sites Home Page
    • The Google Sites Editor
  • Share and Publish a Google Site
    • Sharing Options
    • Publishing Options



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