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About Us

Softek Services, Inc. is a leading provider of high quality, results-driven information technology services. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., we focus on bringing people and processes together by providing software development, training, and management services. Our mission is to enhance efficiency and maximize technology investments through automation and training.

Meet Our Team

Softek Team

Softek is a team of driven and knowledgeable unique individuals. Whether it's assisting our clients with scheduling training, to providing the first-class, customized training experience or creating a software system for task automation, everyone on our staff is dedicated to helping you get what you need from your information technology- to help make your life easier.

The Softek team consists of dedicated professionals who truly care about our clients. Our team members are experts in their respective areas and most bring 15-20+ years of experience. Each team member shares in the educational philosophy that has made Softek successful.

Our Educational Philosophy

Softek strives to provide you with an enjoyable, stimulating, relevant, and richly educational training experience that will send you back to your desks enthusiastic about your new tools and with enhanced comfort and effectiveness in using information technology.

Softek promotes interactive learning to help students achieve maximum learning potential during class. Students do more than just listen; they are encouraged to recall information that was previously presented to them, to think for themselves, and to gain an overall appreciation for how an application "functions."

Softek instructors, in addition to explaining and demonstrating software features, constantly ask questions and present scenarios to make students think and problem-solve during class. Instructors also make appropriate use of questions and comments to keep individual trainees personally involved in classroom discussion. These techniques keep class entertaining and ensure comprehension, absorption, and retention of learning both during and after class.

Ultimately, the quality and effectiveness of any training program lies with the instructor. Softek's instructors are all professional, knowledgeable and have real-world experience with the applications they teach.

In addition to training, Softek's instructors consult with customers, providing solutions to difficult problems. As a result, their knowledge extends well beyond each course's content, permitting them to convey to students a sense of comfort with, and an overall understanding of, each application.