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COVID-19 update: To help our clients reduce their risk of exposure, stay healthy, and continue to be productive, students can attend any of our courses virtually from the comfort of their workplace or home. All classes are live and students participate in real-time. If your preference is to attend in person at our training center, call our office at 202-747-5000.

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Softek offers both individual and private group classes. Our classes are instructor-led, hands-on and delivered by trainers with 10+ years of experience. A 10% discount is applied if your organization registers 3 or more students in the same class or if a student registers for 3 or more classes on the same order. If your organization anticipates scheduling 10 or more classes, consider purchasing vouchers for volume discounts.

Private Group Classes: If you have a group of students, it may be more cost effective to schedule a private group class that can be delivered live virtually, at Softek's facility or yours. Either call our office at (202) 747-5000 or request a quote online.

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Class times are from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. To view detailed agendas, click on the course level links below (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced). Once you have selected the course(s) for an individual student, click the "Next Step" button.

If you do not see your date of choice, please give our office a call at (202) 747-5000 to see if we can accommodate.

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Date Offered
Access (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Acrobat (Version: DC | XI)
Data Visualization: Power BI (2-Days) (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Data Visualization: Tableau (2-Days) (Version: 2019)
Excel (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Excel Power Pivot (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Excel VBA (2-Day Course) (Version: TBA)
InDesign (Version: CC | CS6)
Making Your Files 508 Compliant (Version: NA)
Photoshop (Version: CC | CS6)
PowerPoint (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Project (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
SharePoint (2-Day Course) (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
SQL Querying (Version: NA)
Visio (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)
Word (Version: 365 | 2019 | 2016)

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Additional Classes Added On-Request

If you do not see a class listed on the schedule, we can add classes on-request when 4 or more students need the training.  If the class is only for you, call our office to be added to the Wait List for a particular class.