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Streamlining Tasks and Automating Documents in Microsoft Word

365 | 2019 | 2016
3 Hours

Course Overview

This instructor-led course covers a variety of features to help streamline your work and automate documents in Microsoft Word. You will learn how use search and replace, Autocorrect, AutoFormat, Building Blocks, templates, macros and fill-in forms.

Course Objectives

  • Use find and replace to make global changes
  • Insert special symbols
  • Use AutoCorrect to correct common misspellings as you type
  • Create a building block for reusable text
  • Use, create, and modify document templates
  • Create and run basic macros
  • Design and use fill-in forms

Course Outline

Advanced Editing and Automation Tools

  • Using Find and Replace
  • Inserting Symbols
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Viewing Existing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Adding AutoCorrect Entries
  • Using AutoCorrect Entries
  • Working with Building Blocks
  • Inserting Building Blocks
  • Creating Building Blocks
  • Inserting Quick Parts
  • Editing Building Blocks   
  • Using the Building Blocks Organizer
  • Understanding AutoFormat as You Type

Creating Basic Macros

  • Creating Macros
  • Running Macros
  • Editing Macros
  • Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Templates

  • What is a Template?
  • The “Normal” Template
  • Specifying the Location of User and Workgroup Templates
  • Saving Existing Documents as Templates
  • Creating New Documents Based on Your Own Templates
  • Designing Templates with Fill-in Fields
  • Modifying Templates

Creating Fill-In Forms

  • Displaying the Developer Tab
  • Inserting Content Controls
  • Adjusting Control Properties
  • Protecting Forms


Cost and Delivery Format Options

Any two 3-hour Microsoft classes must be scheduled on the same day to receive pricing (9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm).

We offer the above listed class as a private group class in the following delivery formats:

Private Group Class: Live Virtual
1-4 students $850
5-8 students $1000
9-12 students* $1100
*$35 per additional student
Private Group Class: At Your Location or Softek
1-4 students $1000
5-8 students $1150
9-12 students* $1250
*$35 per additional student

Private Group Training

Private group classes are cost effective when you have a group of students who need the same course. Volume discounts of 5% to 20% are available when five or more training days are scheduled. For classes conducted at your location, you are responsible for the classroom setup which should include:

  • A computer for each student (with the appropriate software installed), and
  • An instructor workstation connected to a visual display (e.g., projector, smartboard, etc.).


Softek can easily customize a training course that covers the specific topics you require and integrate examples relevant to your work environment. Course customization is billed at $125 per hour and covers time needed to meet, discuss, prepare, and incorporate any specific examples into the training program. Once we have a better idea of what you have in mind, we will be glad to provide a specific price quote for the customization. There is a 2-hour minimum fee for customization.

Why Choose Softek?

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  • Detailed training guide
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