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Training Policies

Cancel/Reschedule Course Policy

Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be received, in writing, within the timeframes listed below to avoid paying full course or rescheduling fees. If a contract is in place, the terms of such agreement shall take precedence over these terms. Please email all cancellation and rescheduling requests to our registrar. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy is as follows:

Open Enrollment Classes

1 Weeks' Notice / $100 rescheduling fee

Softek must be notified at least ONE week in advance if a participant needs to cancel or reschedule a class. Participants who reschedule or cancel enrollment less than ONE week before the class will be charged the full course fee. Once the fees are paid, the participant can reschedule or enroll in another open enrollment class for $100.

Participants who provide no notice and fail to appear for training will be billed the full course fee and receive no future training credits or discounts.

Substitute Students

Substitute students are welcome if class invitations have not yet been emailed to students.

Although public classes are rarely rescheduled or canceled, Softek reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment. In the event of cancellation by Softek, registrants may enroll in the next available offering of the course or receive a full refund.

Private Classes

2 Weeks' Notice / $400 rescheduling fee

Whether conducted virtually or at your location, training dates are often coordinated months or weeks in advance. These classes involve Softek reserving or purchasing valuable resources such as instructors and courseware. Last-minute cancellations or date changes could result in Softek's inability to resell or reuse the reserved resources. Therefore, cancellation or rescheduling requests for private group training classes must be made at least TWO weeks in advance. Requests received less than TWO weeks before the scheduled class will be charged the full course fee. Once the fees are paid, a client can reschedule the same private group training class for $400.

Custom Classes or Classes that Involve Booking Travel

4 Weeks' Notice / Pre-paid and Non-refundable

Custom courses involve advance preparation and time allocation in order to customize the courseware and training materials. Courses scheduled outside the D.C. metropolitan area require booking non-refundable airfare and hotels. For these courses, the training fee must be pre-paid and is non-refundable. In the event of the course(s) needing to be rescheduled, the client will be charged a $400 rescheduling fee, plus the cost of any non-refundable expenses.

Retake Policy

We understand that you may need a refresher on the materials covered in a particular class. Students who attend a public, open enrollment course are welcome to retake any open enrollment course one time — as long as the class is still offered on the schedule and seats are available. Please read the details below:

  • Students have one year to retake a class; retakes are valid for the identical course and software version.
  • Students must use the courseware provided to them from the original class and use it during the retake class.
  • Registration for the retake is required and there is no guarantee of space or availability.
  • One week’s notice is required to reschedule or cancel any class registration, including free retakes. If a request to cancel or reschedule a retake is received with less than one week’s notice, then the cost to retake the class will be $50.
  • The retake policy does not apply to on-site or custom courses unless special arrangements have been made, in advance.

Support Policy

Have you recently attended a course with us and now you're in need of support? Well, you've come to the right page. Softek offers support to every student who has attended a course at either their location or our facility. Please read the information listed below and contact us if you are in need of any additional help.

What Next?

Practice, practice, practice! Softek's training courses provide the tools and skills needed to perform your job easier and faster; however, practice is still necessary to gain proficiency and comfort. Download the training class files to review the exercises in your manual.

  1. Visit our class files page.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you are still desiring more practice, consider repeating the course free of charge or signing up for the next level course. Customized courses for your organization's specific needs are also available.

Support Policy

Telephone Review Policy

Are you experiencing difficulty using a feature covered in your manual? Most courses include 30 days of telephone review free of charge on any topic covered in the course. Students may contact Softek from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at (202) 747-5000.

  • Please be prepared to provide your name, company, and the course you attended.
  • Have your manual and the page/feature for which you need assistance readily available.
  • Your call may be answered immediately or routed to the next available instructor.
  • The instructor will assess your question and determine whether your call is covered under our telephone review policy or requires that you purchase supplemental consulting services.
  • Due to the nature of some courses, 60 days of telephone review is not offered for the following courses: SQL Querying, Soft Skills Training Courses, and Certification/Exam Preparation Courses

Consulting Support

Softek offers professional consulting services to address topics not covered in your training manual or to provide assistance with special projects. This support can be purchased in time increments as small as 15 minutes.