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Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

365 | 2019 | 2016
2 Days, 9:00-4:00

Course Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a robust analytics solution used to transform your data into powerful and rich visuals. You can view your entire business on a dashboard, create stunning interactive reports, and view your data consistently across your organization. Softek's 2-day course covers how to use Power BI components to bring your data to life and focus on what matters to you.

Course Objectives

  • Become familiar with the Power BI workspace
  • Load data with Power BI
  • Transform datasets
  • Work with text-based visualization
  • Chart and filter data
  • Use slicers
  • Cleanse data
  • Work with data mashup tools
  • Extend the data model with calculated columns
  • Enhance your dashboard
  • Create a data model
  • Publish and create new reports

Course Outline

Introduction to Power BI Desktop

  • Learn the BI interface
  • Navigate the BI window
  • Upload data
  • Create visuals
  • Column charts
  • Maps
  • Cards
  • Create and modify reports
  • Import data

Loading Data with Power BI Desktop

  • Understand data sources
  • Load data
  • Refresh data
  • Reuse recent data sources
  • Pin data sources
  • Understand connection security

Transforming Datasets

  • Work in the query editor
  • Understand applied steps
  • Dataset shaping
  • Rename
  • Reorder
  • Merge columns
  • Filter data
  • Text ranges
  • Numeric ranges
  • Date/time ranges

Text-Based Visualization

  • Create tables
  • Create metrics
  • Create cards
  • Create multi-row cards
  • Enhance visuals

Charts in Power BI

  • Create charts
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Funnel
  • Waterfall
  • Customize chart attributes
  • Use drilldowns
  • Create Bing maps
  • Use geographic data
  • Use gauges

Filtering Data

  • Filter different data types
  • Work with advanced text filters
  • Understand visual levels
  • Remove filters

Using Slicers

  • Create slicers
  • Format slicers
  • Use charts as slicers

Cleansing Data

  • Change data types
  • Detect data types
  • Replace values
  • Fill down
  • Group records

Data Mashup

  • Duplicate columns
  • Split columns
  • Customize columns
  • Aggregate data
  • Append data
  • Change data structure
  • Modify/rename/delete steps
  • Manage queries

Extending the Data Model with Calculated Columns

  • Concatenate columns
  • Build calculations across tables
  • Work with If and nested If statements
  • Understand and utilize DAX
  • Work with measures

Enhancing your Dashboard

  • Add textboxes
  • Modify page background
  • Add shapes
  • Organize visuals on the page
  • Export data from a visualization

Creating a Data Model

  • Format data fields
  • Apply a default summarization
  • Add hierarchies
  • Build relationships between tables
  • Deactivate relationships
  • Examine relationship options

  • Publish reports
  • Interact with reports
  • Create dashboards
  • Share dashboards
  • Create new reports



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