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Introduction to Microsoft Project

365 | 2019 | 2016
1 Day, 9:00-4:00

Course Overview

This instructor-led, hands-on course is designed for users who have an understanding of project management concepts, who are responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who need a tool (Microsoft Project) to manage those project plans more efficiently. This course is intended for beginner or self‐taught users of Microsoft Project.

Course Objectives

  • Create a new project plan and build task list
  • Organize tasks in a work breakdown structure and set task relationships
  • Setup and assign resources to tasks
  • Use and customize Gantt View
  • Set the plan baseline and begin tracking progress

Course Outline

Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Explore the Project User Interface
  • The Start Screen
  • Methods for Creating New Projects
  • Save a Project
  • Manage Files and Set Options in Backstage View
  • Create a New Plan as a Blank Project
  • Create a New Plan Based on Another Plan or Template
  • Work with Schedule Details
  • Gantt Chart and Timeline View
  • View Reports

Starting a New Project Plan

  • Create a New Plan and Set the Start Date
  • Project Start and Finish Dates
  • Current Date
  • Base Calendars
  • Set Nonworking Days in the Project Calendar
  • Set Specific Dates as Nonworking
  • Set up Recurring Nonworking Times and Custom Work Weeks
  • Enter Project Properties

Building a Task List

  • Create Tasks
  • Insert and Delete Tasks within a Task List
  • Enter Task Durations and Milestones
  • Create Summary Tasks
  • Link Tasks to Create Dependencies
  • Task Relationships
  • Work with Manual and Automatic Scheduling
  • Document Task Information
  • Add a Note to a Task
  • Add a Hyperlink to a Task

Setting Up Resources

  • Set up Work Resources
  • Enter the Maximum Capacity for Work Resources
  • Adjust Working Time in a Resource Calendar
  • Set Up Cost Resources
  • Document Resources by Using Notes

Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Understand Effort Driven Scheduling
  • Assign Cost Resources to Tasks

Formatting and Sharing the Plan

  • Customize the Gantt View
  • Add Tasks to Timeline View
  • Copy Views and Reports

Tracking Progress

  • Save a Baseline
  • Enter Task Completion Percentage



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