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Advanced Adobe Dreamweaver

CS6 | CC
1 Day, 9:00-4:00

Course Overview

This instructor-led, hands-on course teaches the skills necessary to add more advanced elements to your site such as user-input forms and Spry widgets (navigation bars). You will incorporate Flash components and add JavaScript using Dreamweaver’s Behaviors. This course also focuses on publishing your web site and working with online data. In order to successfully complete this course, we recommend that you first take Softek’s Introduction to Dreamweaver course or have equivalent knowledge.

Course Objectives

  • Create, design, and implement a form
  • Publish a website
  • Understand Flash, Dreamweaver Behaviors, and database functionality

Course Outline

Adding Interactivity

  • Learning About Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Working with Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Working with Spry Accordion Widgets

Working with Web Animation and Video

  • Understanding Web Animation and Video
  • Adding Web Animation to a Page
  • Adding Web Video to a Page

Working with Forms

  • Learning About Forms
  • Adding a Form to a Page
  • Inserting Text Form Elements
  • Inserting Checkboxes
  • Creating Radio Buttons
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding a Submit Button
  • Specifying a Form Action
  • Emailing Form Data
  • Styling Forms

Working with Online Data

  • Working with Dynamic Content
  • Using HTML and XML Data
  • Choosing a Server Model
  • Configuring a Local Web Server
  • Setting Up a Testing Server
  • Building Database Applications

Publishing to the Web

  • Defining a Remote Site
  • Cloaking Folders and Files
  • Wrapping Things Up
  • Putting Your Site Online
  • Synchronizing Local and Remote Sites



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