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Gamification in eLearning

Are you looking for something different than standard PowerPoint or page-turner style learning? We are experts at making learning fun and immersive. Gamification for learning is a process that uses game mechanics to enhance the user experience and improve knowledge retention.

Gaming Elements

Softek’s eLearning development team can incorporate any of the following gaming elements into your next eLearning project:


Take your learner on a journey through the course

Immersing learners in a compelling story and taking them through a journey keeps engagement high. We’ll work with you to create a story that embeds learners in a plot as they solve various issues or tasks. Incorporating custom characters or avatars can add an extra layer of fun and realism.
Compete against other “fictional” players
Competition adds another level of engagement. Learners can compete against other fictional characters or themselves. We can add leaderboards or provide achievement levels to keep motivation high.
Provide incentives to keep learners engaged
Providing rewards such as badges, medals, or unlocking new levels can help boost motivation and keep learners engaged for longer periods.
Provide progress along the way
Providing feedback when a learner completes a task or quiz is a great way to keep them focused and challenged as they move through the different stages or levels of the game.

Gamification Examples

Spin to Win

Spin to Win

This game element was used for a client’s project. After introducing students to critical content, learners spin the wheel and receive knowledge check questions. Learners earn a balloon for each correct answer. Prizes are awarded when learners meet or exceed the goal. This game element motivates learners to think about the questions and try to do well. We all want to win, right?

Spin to Win

Jeopardy Like Game Board

This game element is excellent for web-based or instructor-led training as a team or individual review tool. Learners select questions from various categories and dollar values. After answering correctly, learners earn dollars or points. We have a version built for instructors to use during an instructor-led course that allows them to break a class into teams. As teams answer questions correctly, points are awarded and tracked at the team level.

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