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Sample Client Projects

Since 1988, Softek has developed and continues to enhance projects to help our clients manage and communicate information.

Sample Client Projects

Database Projects

The following systems were created using Microsoft Access and/or and SQL Server.

Database Projects include Contact Management Systems, Project and Time Management Systems, Integration of Web-based Content Management Systems w/Local Databases, Association/Member Management Systems and Web-based Online Conference Registration Systems

Systems can include:

  • Customized main menus
  • Customized screens
    • Contact screens
    • Contact information screens
    • Organization screens
    • Project screens
    • Time entry screens
    • Screens for billing process
    • Event selection screens
    • Payment screens
    • Conditional screens
    • Search screens
    • Board Member/Committee Information screens
    • Meeting/conference set up screens
    • Registration screens
    • Query/e-mail/export screens
    • Query results screens
    • Mail merge screens
    • Report screens
    • Thank you screens
  • Activity/notes logs
  • Automatic email system
  • Automation to copy names and addresses
  • Multiple contacts within an organization
  • Easy-to-print reports
  • Custom report interfaces
  • Custom query/export interfaces
  • Time sheet reports
  • Invoice reports
  • Dues/renewal invoices
  • Accounting export
  • Synchronizing Member Data
  • Importation of Online Registrations

Softek can create a Content Management System (CMS) with Integration. We can extend a CMS built on ASP.Net and SQL Server and then automate the integration between a local database and the CMS database.

Other Database Systems

  • Exhibitor Registration System with Booth Selection
  • Estimating and Quoting System
  • Patient Management System
  • Employee Leave (including FMLA) Management System
  • Right of Way Property Management System
  • Capital Improvement Projects System
  • Residential Permit Parking System

Technical Writing Projects

End-User Training Documentation

Providing end user documentation for your desktop and Web-based applications is a key factor in the success of deploying a new system. Creating a practical, comprehensive, and well-organized end user guide is essential component in staff training and acceptance of a new system – regardless of how well system is designed. When deploying a new system, end users will always have questions. Providing a detailed, tangible reference for them is essential.

Online Help Systems

The principal focus of an Online Help System is to provide direct assistance to the end user of an application. Creating a practical and comprehensive Help system is an essential component of any desktop or Web-based application, as Help is often the first place users will turn for assistance. Softek offers several flavors of Online Help Systems: Standard Help, HTML Help, Web Help, Flash Help, Java Help, and Oracle Help.

Template Projects

Softek has completed a multitude of useful template projects for Microsoft Word, Adobe or Livecycle Designer, and Microsoft Excel. For Microsoft Word, our templates serve as a blueprint of how text, formatting, and graphics will be displayed in a document. Templates in Microsoft Word can both save time for the user and create consistency in standard company documents such as letters, memos, faxes, and much more. Adobe and Livecycle Designer fill-in forms are similar to protected Word templates, as users can only modify limited areas of the form; however, their PDF final format is independent of the hardware, software, and operating system used to create the file. This means that they can be utilized seamlessly across many different platforms. Microsoft Excel templates increase efficiency, simplify the data collection process for users, and prevent data manipulations. Users are only able to add, edit, or delete information in selected areas. Additionally, our templates are protected and safeguarded from overwriting.

Templates created from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe or Livecycle Designer

Have More Questions?

Softek would be glad to demonstrate any system or provide ideas for custom features that would help better organize, manage, and process your information technology needs.

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