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Software Development and Engineering

Softek builds custom software applications to support our customers’ missions and streamline operations. Our engineers use agile methods to build best-in-value solutions.

  • Database and Applications Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Portals and Dashboards Solutions
  • Automated Workflow Solutions
ISoftware Development and Engineering

Residential Permit Parking Program

  • Residential Permit Parking Program (RPPP) was developed as a part of Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan to prioritize parking for residents in high‐density and commercial areas.
  • The program limits parking to only residents and their guests displaying County-issued permits or passes during restricted time limits.
  • Softek built the system that manages this information. An online Web interface is available for residents to apply for passes and permits online; this system ties into the Treasurer’s Office to seamlessly verify vehicle registration and tax payment information.

Grants Database & Financial Allocation

  • Softek created this system in order to extract SAP data on financial allocations and track details on how funds are spent on different funding elements in countries of implementation.
  • The system manages funding sources, loads, indirect costs, U.S. expenses for field support costs, partners/subawardees, and allocable funding (management and cross-cutting). In addition, the system generates reports that explain how USAID funds are spent, distributed, and allocated.

Standard Project Rates

All IT solution services are $165 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Services can be provided at your office, at Softek, by telephone, and/or by e-mail. There is a 6-hour minimum fee if services are rendered at your location.

Volume discounts are provided for multiple-day projects. Please call our office if you would like to receive a quote or estimate for your specific initiative.